The Athos Story



Athos Investment Services was founded by Ioannis Segounis to continue the work he started under Phocion Investments approximately 10 years ago. Bringing to the investment industry real and sustainable solutions to your investment performance needs has been our history and will continue under the Athos name.


At Athos, we take pride in bringing to the industry a much needed skill set to improve firms, managers and investors alike in all things performance. Our clients’ needs are of the utmost importance to us and we work together with them to provide them the servicing they need.

We are passionate about Investment Performance and have dedicated ourselves to this field. Performance is the most talked about subject in the investment industry and yet it is one of the least understood from an operational point of view. Athos brings clarity and understanding to clients who desperately need it to help them better manage their assets and their operations.

Athos Investment Services was not founded to just serve the industry but rather to change the industry for the better:

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