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The Athos Advantage

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Athos is where investment theory meets practice. In Performance, we have distinguished ourselves by being one of the few firms who have had actually experience in performance management. Whether it is in systems implementation, GIPS Implementation, performance operations gap analysis or any other area, we understand what clients experience and have the practical knowledge to assist.

Athos' Compliance services are supported by 25 years of experience. Our practical solutions enables firms to identify gaps and risks and provides practical solutions, that so often seem out of reach internally or with other consulting firms.

Our firm provides real answers to real problems. Too often, issues are misidentified and firms seek assistance from less qualified consultants and end up in a vicious circle where there is very little to show for at the end with significant expense to the firm. Our cost effective services are designed to identify the actual issue the firm is facing and quickly develop and implement solutions. Whether you’re large or small, Athos Investment Services can help.

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