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Athos Investment Services Is Launched!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Athos' launches it's website and new blog post

Welcome to Athos Investment Services new website and blog post. Our focus will be to provide educational and informative articles that can assist firms, portfolio managers and investors alike in all things performance.

Areas of Focus

Our articles will cover the whole spectrum of the investment performance field. From operational subjects such as controls and systems, to theoretical subject matter such the impact of return calculations based on underlying assumptions. Here is a sample of a few of the items will be writing about:

  • Operational Processes and Controls

  • Systems Management and Implementation

  • Return Formulae Proofs and Analysis

  • Market Analysis from a Performance Point of View

  • GIPS® Standards

  • and other interesting topics

Articles Based on Experience

Our articles will be grounded on the experience we have accumulated over the decades. The advantage of Athos Investment Services is that we have spent our careers working directly in performance management. This enables us to provide analysis and feedback based on what we have directly experienced.


We strongly encourage constructive feedback to our articles, so feel free to send us your comments, your own experiences and any ideas you may want us to write about or just discuss with you.

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