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Audiovisual Conference

One of the biggest issues with performance in large or small firms, is how little is understood about this field, even from people who analyze returns for a living.  Athos’ Training services are customized to the needs of our clients. Whether you are a performance practitioner, a portfolio manager or work in operations, we have developed training that suits the needs of each department and individual.

Our training program will help create an environment of greater understanding which will lead to better cooperation and more efficient processes. We separate ourselves from other training courses by bringing a practical side to the theoretical. Non-performance practitioners have a great deal to benefit by brining to their attention and understanding how investment performance is not as straightforward as originally thought. For practitioners, we are able to help them shorten the learning curve and bring them the tools to quickly apply in their day to day.

Introducing them theoretical concepts and their application from an operational point of view, is the kind of training that is only available from Athos.

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