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Performance Analytics


Small to medium sized firms lack the resources and capital to invest in state of the art performance analytics. Relying on costly, basic systems with poor support, leaves you at a significant disadvantage versus larger firms. At Athos, we can provide you the tools to delve deeper into your performance story to answer the questions of how and why you generated those returns. We can produce high quality advanced analytics at a fraction of the cost and provide you the expert feedback so your questions are always correctly answered.

Athos can also act as your performance department and manage your performance freeing up your staffs’ time to focus on portfolio management, raising capital and bringing in new investors.

We manage the complete performance calculation and reporting process, from data importation to return generation and report production. In addition, we can provide you additional tools that will help you better compete in this cutthroat industry.

Athos will stand by you at all times providing you the support to your performance needs.

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