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Institutional Services

Financial District

Institutions have performance teams in place, with each member of the team specializing in a specific area of performance, whether it’s GIPS maintenance, Reporting or Attribution. They have been running performance for years and deal with large quantities of data on a daily basis. Unfortunately, issues exist and have persisted over time for a variety of reasons.

Unresolved issues are due to lack of time and expertise that most institutional performance teams suffer from. The high turnover in performance makes it so that there is a severe lack of qualified personnel to provide the kind of expertise required to resolve problems. Athos passion for performance has served the institutional investor/manager by providing that expertise, freeing up performance personnel’s time and effectively bringing different departments and system vendors to work together to complete the tasks at hand.


Furthermore, we leave the performance staff with new found knowledge to assist them going forward to maintain and even improve on the solutions implemented. Some of the areas Athos can assist your firm are:

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